BNB/ETH -> Solana

A guide for a BNB or ETH to Solana swap.


  1. Head to the swap page.

2. Select the tokens you would like to swap.

3. Connect your wallets (can be found top right, or in the box next to amounts).

5. Enter the amount you would like to swap and press the Swap button. Here we swap USDT ERC20 to USDT SPL. Make sure you have enough to cover gas fees on each chain.

6. Approve the transactions in your wallets. The first interaction uses Wormhole's token bridge to move the USDT from the Ethereum blockchain to the Solana blockchain.

  • The interaction on ETH: 1) Approve/Permission 2) lock your USDT ERC20 tokens on EVM via Wormhole's token bridge

  • The interaction on Solana: 1) Post VAA (1/3) (Validator Action Approval) 2) Post VAA (2/3) 3) Post VAA (3/3) 4) Claim the Wormhole-wrapped USDT tokens from the token bridge (using VAA)

7. The next transaction swaps the Wormhole-wrapped USDT for native USDT SPL in our pool.

Do not close the browser or refresh the page. The total duration will vary based on the network and network-load. If you find that you are having transaction failures please visit Diagnosing Failed Swap Transactions(The most likely solution is to click the Retry button, or refresh the page and click the Resume button).

8. After the transactions are confirmed you should see the new balance in your receiving wallet

Congratulations on completing a Swim Swap!

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