Metapools allow Swim to facilitate trading between new tokens and an existing pool.

Our metapools allow native tokens to be swapped seamlessly with any native stablecoin in our existing hexapool i.e., USDC, USDT on Ethereum and Solana, as well as USDT and BUSD on Binance Smart Chain.

To swap stablecoins with stablecoins on our existing supported chains, it’s first swapped with the hexapool LP token, before being redeemed into the stablecoin from the hexapool. The new pools therefore take in native stablecoins with hexapool LP tokens, which means existing LP token holders are not affected by the new metapool if they don’t add liquidity to it.

How to add Liquidity?

This is the same method as found in add/remove, with the exception that you provide liquidity with the native token, as well as the hexapool LP token - swimUSD.

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