BNB/ETH -> Solana

Reading this section will help you understand where the transaction failed and better diagnose the problem

This is a typical set of transactions you would see on a blockchain explorer if you are swapping starting from either Ethereum or BNB Chain. In this section, the example will be from BNB Chain but starting from Ethereum works the same.

Transaction "0xda14..." is where your asset enters the Wormhole bridge - there should be a corresponding transaction on the Solana side. In this example, it is transaction "2sjpru..." If you see a transaction where a token is entering the Wormhole bridge but there is no corresponding transaction where it is leaving the bridge, please refer to "Unconfirmed Wormhole Transactions" to resolve the problem.

Once the token arrives on the Solana side, it will interact with the pool to arrive at the desired native token for users. If your swap failed and you only see the transaction where your native token is converted to a Wormhole-wrapped token, please refer to “Wormhole-wrapped Tokens” to resolve the problem.

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