Swim Team

Our team is comprised of traders, engineers and business individuals who previously worked at Alameda Research, FTX, Coinbase Ventures, Cosmos, and Google. We hope to leverage our diverse backgrounds to deliver a seamless cross-chain bridging experience.


Troy Tsui, CEO

  • Quantitative Trader at Alameda Research

  • Quantitative Trader at SIG

Arv, CTO

  • Software Engineer at FTX

  • Software Engineer at Alameda Research

Freya Norn, COO

  • Experience in Securities, Financial, and Cyber Fraud Unit at U.S. Attorney’s Office

  • Contracts Compliance at Building Engines

Ruairi Donnelly, Director of Special Projects

  • Chief of Staff at FTX

  • Chief of Staff at Alameda Research

Teddy Pornprinya, Head of Business Development

  • Associate at Coinbase Ventures & Corporate Development

  • Analyst at DC Advisory

W, Software Engineer

  • Contributor to Cosmos/Lisk ecosystem

Ricky Chen, Software Engineer

  • Software Engineer at Roblox

  • Software Engineer at Exabeam

  • Software Engineer at Webroot

Andreas Morhammer, Software Engineer

  • CEO & Technical Co-Founder at SafeContracts

Andrew Huang, Software Engineer

  • Software Engineer at Google

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