Alpha Launch related questions

Questions about Swim

Has Swim been audited?

Swim has finished a security audit with Kudelski Security.

How secure is Wormhole?

Wormhole relies upon a set of distributed nodes which monitor state on several blockchains. In Wormhole, these nodes are referred to as Guardians. The current Guardian set can be seen in the Wormhole Explorer. Many of the Guardians are also Validators for Solana.

It is the Guardians' role to observe messages and sign the corresponding payloads. Each guardian performs this step in isolation, later combining the resulting signatures with other guardians as a final step.

You can learn more about Wormhole over at https://docs.wormholenetwork.com/wormhole/

Which wallets can I use with Swim?

To connect to Swim, you will need an SPL wallet. Swim currently supports Sollet, Ledger, Solong, Phantom, MathWallet, and Solflare. Swim will continue to integrate new wallets as they are developed.

For Ethereum and BNB Chain, you will need a MetaMask wallet. We have plans to add support for more Ethereum and BNB Chain wallets.

Where can I buy $SWIM Tokens?

As of now, there has not been a $SWIM token sale. Please do not buy any $SWIM tokens and please report anyone offering to sell you $SWIM tokens in our Discord.

Questions about Swapping/Providing liquidity

My Transactions failed! What should I do?

Check out Diagnosing Failed Swap Transactions to identify why the transaction failed and how you can resolve it.

If you have more questions, feel free to post your inquiry in the #support channel in our Discord.

How do I earn yield from providing liquidity on Swim?

Anyone providing liquidity to a pool on Swim will earn *0.03% of that pool's transactions accrued directly into your LP position. This will be divided between all LP providers proportionally to their stake. You do not need to collect these earnings, they are automatically credited.

What fees do I pay to trade/swap on Swim?

Swap fee: Every time a user swaps, regardless of whether the transaction utilizes Wormhole or not, *0.04% fee is taken on the trade. *0.03% of it will go back to the LP pool as rewards and *0.01% will go to $SWIM holders. Currently the *0.01% is accruing and will be distributed once the $SWIM token is live.

What are Wormhole-wrapped tokens?

Wormhole-wrapped tokens are tokens that represent ownership of a native token generated by the wormhole bridge. If you receive a wormhole wrapped token during your transaction, please refer to Wormhole-wrapped Tokens section.

Why do I need to connect a Solana wallet for swaps between BNB and Ethereum?

The AMM interaction happens on Solana, hence the user will need to pay a small amount of gas fees there.

Why did Swim want to switch networks on my MetaMask wallet?

Initially your MetaMask wallet was either set to Ethereum or BNB Chain, and at the end of the transaction, in order to receive your native token at the destination chain, Swim will request to switch networks, so you can approve transactions there.

I bridged my tokens to BNB Chain/Ethereum but I do not want to redeem the tokens. Is there a way to reverse the interaction?

Once the tokens are sent to the bridge it is not possible to cancel the transaction. You can redeem at a later time when gas fees are lower.

Why do I need to approve so many transactions?

With the current decentralized cross-chain communication methods to/from Solana, there are many transactions that are required on the Solana side. In particular: 1) Post VAA (1/3) (Validator Action Approval) 2) Post VAA (2/3) 3) Post VAA (3/3) 4) Claim the Wormhole-wrapped USDT tokens from the token bridge (using VAA) 5) Swim's Pool's smart contract

***fees set by governance

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