Add/Remove Liquidity

Swim allows you to add and remove liquidity from the pools.

Add Liquidity to LP

  1. Connect the wallets from the chains where you would like to add the stablecoins.

    (You will have to connect your Solana wallet to pay for gas even if you are adding from BNB/ETH)

  2. Under the token you'd like to add, input the desired amount

  3. Select where you'd like to receive your swimUSD LP token

  4. Approve the transactions in your wallets

Remove Liquidity from LP

  1. Connect your wallets

  2. Select which chain you would like to withdraw the LP token

3. Select how you would like to receive your stablecoins. Burn percentage is how much of your LP token you would like to withdraw, with the max set at 100%. There are three withdrawal methods:

  • Proportionally to all tokens:

    • You'd receive all 6 tokens proportional to their current weight in the pool

  • To a single token:

    • In the output form below, select which token you'd like to receive

  • Enter exact output amount:

    • Allows you to mix and match in the field below

4. Once they are set, click remove and approve transactions

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