Diagnosing Failed Swap Transactions

General Steps

Should you encounter problems, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Press the retry/resume button

  2. Refresh the page, connect your original wallets, then press the resume button in the "Recent Swaps" section

  3. If the form claims it is completed but it is not, refresh the page, then press the resume button

  4. Reach out on Discord

  5. Alternatively, you may go to Wormhole's token bridge directly. We recommend this only as a last resort

Retry Failed Transactions

If an error arises from swapping, the retry option will be available and it will pick up any incomplete transaction and continue the interaction. If errors persist after clicking the retry button, try refreshing the page and resuming the interaction.

Resume Incomplete Interactions

If for any reason you close your browser, the interaction will appear in the recent swaps section after connecting your wallets. There you can resume your interaction from where you left.

If for any reason the resume or retry option is unavailable or not working, please reach out to us via discord where we will help diagnose your problem.

Alternatively you can read the following sections to self-diagnose the issue.

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