Unconfirmed Wormhole Transactions

How to deal with unconfirmed Wormhole transactions

The Wormhole bridge is a 2 step process.

  1. Sending a token into the Wormhole bridge

  2. Receiving the token on the target chain

In the situation where the process fails between step 1 and 2, the user is left with an incomplete Wormhole state. The way to know if this has happened is when you see a transaction where the Wormhole-wrapped token enters the bridge, but no corresponding transaction on the destination chain explorer showing that you have received the native token.

If this occurs, try the steps outlined in Diagnosing Failed Swap Transactions which involves retrying or resuming the swap interaction. If you have attempted this without success:


  • In this example we are trying to swap 10 USDC SPL to USDT BNB Chain. The initial conversion was successful, however, from checking BscScan, Wormhole-wrapped USDT entered the Wormhole bridge but never arrived on the destination chain.


The Wormhole redemption page is how you can confirm the unconfirmed Wormhole transaction (below is a screenshot of what that page looks like) .

In the "Source Tx" field, input the transaction where the Wormhole-wrapped token is entering the bridge. In our example above that transaction ID would be 4Uzc9...

Click Recover and then Redeem when prompted again and you will receive your native token on the destination chain.

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