Wormhole-wrapped Tokens

What to do with Wormhole-wrapped tokens?

In rare situations, you might receive a Wormhole-wrapped token in your wallet. This is because somewhere along the interaction, there was a failure and the Wormhole-wrapped token has not entered the Wormhole bridge yet.

If this occurs, try the steps outlined in Diagnosing Failed Swap Transactions which involves retrying or resuming the swap interaction. If you have attempted this without success, visit the Wormhole-Transfer site to transfer the token into it's native form on the destination chain.

In the following example, the user received Wormhole-wrapped-bnb-chain BUSD in their Phantom wallet but wanted to convert it into native BUSD on BNB Chain. See below the form from Wormhole to fill out. Be sure to select the correct target chain. If you select Ethereum as the target chain in this example, your Wormhole-wrapped-bnb-chain BUSD will arrive as a Wormhole-wrapped tokens on Ethereum.

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