Solana -> BNB/ETH

Reading this section will help you understand where the transaction failed and better diagnose the problem

This is a typical set of transactions you would see on a blockchain explorer if you are swapping starting from Solana.

Transaction "3bPEh6..." involves swapping the asset, so in this case you are swapping from USDC SPL into Wormhole-wrapped BUSD. If your swap failed and you only see the transaction where your native token is converted to a Wormhole-wrapped token, please refer to “Wormhole-wrapped Tokens” to resolve the problem.

Transaction "3unL2p..." is the Wormhole-wrapped BUSD entering the bridge. If the bridge interaction is successful, you will see a corresponding transaction on the destination chain explorer showing that you have received the native token. In this example, it is transaction "0x88f32ed". If you encounter a case where a token is entering the Wormhole bridge but there is no corresponding transaction where it is leaving the bridge, please refer to "Unconfirmed Wormhole Transactions" to resolve the problem.

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