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The most commonly asked questions about the Otter Tot NFT collection
When is the mint date & how much is the mint?
The mint date and cost of mint is tbd. We will release these details as soon as possible.
What is an NFT?
An NFT is a non fungible token- unique non-interchangeable digital assets where the ownership can be verified on the blockchain, of which can allow you unique benefits (see below for some of the benefits of holding an Otter Tot).
We wanted a fair and fun IDO where all the members of the community would have an equal footing to participate, regardless of the size of their status or wealth. An NFT IDO would lead to a fairer distribution of tokens, as well as a stronger community, united by their Otters and exclusive chats on Discord and other benefits.
What is the total supply of the Otters?
There will be 10000 Otters, each physically backed by xSWIM (staked SWIM) tokens- specific number to be determined at a future date. However to redeem your xSWIM you will burn the Otter, creating a deflationary supply of Otters.
What are the benefits of the Otters?
See benefits here.
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